Top Questions and Answers About Our Film Transfer Services

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What types of films do you convert?
We specialize in 8mm film, Super8 film, and 16mm film. Optical and magnetic sound will transfer with the footage.

How many feet of film fit on a DVD?
With our process, we can generally fit up to 1500 feet of film on a DVD. But don't be too concerned about this, as the price of the DVD's is included in the price of the transfer. This means that no matter how many feet of film you send, we will provide the number of DVD's necessary to complete your order.

How many minutes of footage are on my film reels?
The running time for 8mm film, Super8 film are approximately: 
3" reel (50 feet) 2-3 minutes
5" reel (200 feet) 12-14 minutes
7" reel (400 feet) 26-29 minutes
16mm film running time will be approximately half of 8mm film or super8 film

How much video fits on a DVD disc?
2 hours at the highest quality. It's possible to squeeze in more at the expense of video quality, but we don't recommend it.
If the tape was recorded in LP or SLP mode  (may contain 4, 6, or even 8 hours) will be require 3-4 DVDs 

What is a navigation menu and chapters?
A navigation menu pops up as soon as you insert the DVD disc and also when you press the "menu" button on your remote control. It allows you to advance to any chapter, which is a designated point in the movie (selected by you).

Will I be able to edit the video myself?
You can edit your video by copying the *.VOB files to your hard drive and renaming them to *.MPG. However, if you plan to do any serious editing it is best to use uncompressed files (AVI or Quicktime).

Will my DVD be compatible with all DVD players?
We use DVD-R format, which is supported by almost all DVD players.

Is it safe? Will you return my originals?
We receive orders from around the world on a daily basis. Your images and movies are not destroyed or damaged in the process and you'll be able to view or even transfer your media again! We return everything that you send to us- film, cans, boxes, reels, video tapes, albums  or audio cassette.

How long will my project take?
Most projects are completed in about 1-2 weeks, depend from quantity , but you'll have to call or stop in for an exact estimated delivery date. We can do some duplication jobs while you wait. Turn times depend upon several factors including the time of year (things are busy around Christmas, slower in the summer), and the type of job (some weeks we have a lot of audio, other weeks a lot of film).

Can I send you my project?
If you can't come it to our office during working time , you can always send your project to us. Just be sure to include a note with your name, address, phone number, and what you would like us to do. We'll contact you if we have any questions, and call you for payment and return shipping instructions once your job is completed.
When sending us your valuable memories, please use a shipping provider such as FedEx or UPS that will provide a tracking number.

​What if I'm not satisfied?

Customer satisfaction is very important to us. We are committed to fixing any problem that is not inherent to the original media in a timely manner.                                                                 
In the event there is any problem with your order, please notify National Video Transfer 952.935.8888 or e-mail us immediately. If upon receiving your movies you discover a technical problem with the transfer we will be happy to attempt a retransfer. In the case of a technical problem with the transfer, we may need to have your home movie materials returned in order to correct the problem.

30 Day Refund/Re-transfer Policy for Media Transfer

 If you are not satisfied with the quality of our work, you may pursue a retransfer or a refund. 
Contact National Video Transfer within 30 days of your order's most recent ship date, according to the shipment's tracking number. We will e-mail you when we make Refund or Retransfer. 
Return all of the media that we produced for the order in the condition that you received it. Include the confirmation in the box with your media. In cases of re-transfer, it may be necessary to return the original media to us as well. 
Retransfers will be completed as promptly as possible and then returned to you. Refunds will be credited back to your credit upon receipt of the media.

How do you handle payment?
We accept cash, check, and all major credit cards. Payment is due when you pickup your job. 
We can take information from your credit card by phone or e-mail.
Replication jobs may require a down payment.

How do I order, how should I send my media? 
Let us know what you are sending and what you want as your finished product. 
Keep a copy of any information that is written on the outside of each reel, videotape or image. Send your media and the checkout confirmation to:

National Video Transfer
1002 Main Street
Hopkins , MN 55343

We will email you once we have received your order.

Still have questions? 
Call or e-mail us and we'll give you a hand.
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